F*ck Fluttershy

A fistful of ponies. Or more like an armful. A coworker/friend was walking around an airport gift shop with a collection of My Little Pony plush for her kids. I mentioned that I have a small collection too.

I’ve enjoyed watching My Little Pony, and have identified with the kind, submissive, positive Fluttershy. But at this point I would rather identify with the energetic, assertive, daredevil Rainbow Dash.

With Fluttershy, the drive to be liked and loved can trump everything – assertiveness included. Fluttershy can be forceful – it has happened a few times – just search on Flutterbitch or Flutterrage – but it comes out explosively and out of control – like a dam of pent up frustration bursting.

Like most characters in TV shows, her character is pretty locked in – each episode pretty much re-introduces the kind, sweet timebomb doormat Fluttershy.

So, fuck Fluttershy. I’m done. I figure if I keep identifying with that character, I’m going to undermine own progress toward speaking my mind and being bolder. Time to pick a different horse to bet on.