Suck It Up, Buttercup

The man who groans at a difficulty, sobs at a disappointment, cries out to the neighborhood every time he puts forth an effort, is like the man whom Sam Jones recently described: “When I hear some men speak or see them work, they remind me of a river steamboat, with a very large whistle and a very small boiler, so that every time the whistle blows the boat stops.”

From the Art of Manliness

Photo Credit: Jarman

Untaming the Pandas

That’s what this site is about – untaming the pandas – not in the literal sense – there is plenty of actual work being done to prepare captive bred pandas for life in the wild – but in the sense of helping kind, empathetic and soft men and women – tame pandas – break out of their cages of people pleasing and fear based behaviors into the wilder, untamed life they were meant to have.

I visited the San Diego zoo recently and had to stop by the panda exhibit – it was great to see the great bears, even in captivity. A little girl asked the a zoo employee if the pandas were dangerous. The zoo employee said, “Oh yes, they are bears after all. You wouldn’t want to be alone with them.” People think that pandas are just cuddly and non-threatening, but like the zoo employee said, they ARE bears.

And that’s what the too-kind, walking on eggshells, afraid-of-what-people-might-think people of the world need to do – to embrace and develop the bear-like, wild aspects of their personality and not just a soft people-pleasing exterior.

And that’s just what this site will help people do.

Oh, and btw, my friends call me “Panda.”